Monthly Archives: July 2010

I love this movie.  I can talk along with most (maybe all) of it, and it still makes me giggle maniacally every time I watch it.  If you don’t love this movie, you probably have some kind of chemical imbalance in your brain, and you might want to get that […]

Disney Project: The Emperor’s New Groove

Ronnie still couldn’t get over how everyone had reacted to their discovery.  The geology department gave both her and Jim specially created paperweights carved out of Martian rock and had thrown them a party.  The engineers had started designing robots to explore the crevasse.  Her mom had dedicated a whole […]

Martian Adventures: The Valor Crevasse

 I’m leaving for Kansas in a matter of hours.  I’ll be away for two weeks, attending the short story workshop at the Center for the Study of Science Fiction.  I’ve got stories written and queued up to post automatically while I’m gone, so the flow of fiction will continue uninterrupted. […]