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 I love Christmas.  I love colored lights and decorated trees and shiny packages and peppermint mochas and cookies and carols and the Rudolph cartoon.  I love buying presents and getting presents.  I took my grandmother to see The Nutcracker at the ballet as her gift, and that was wonderful.   […]

What Christmas Means to Me

The xbox came in the mail today.   The disc drive works.  Paul played some Fallout 3.   I’m confused.  Pleased, but confused.   Mostly pleased, really.   But seriously, what the crap?  

WTF? Also… thanks?

 Last night I got an email from the xbox service account telling me that any resolution would have to be reached by phone.   This morning, I called.  I talked to a guy who was pleasant enough, but completely useless.  He got a "specialist" for me.  She was also pretty […]

The Saga Continues

 A few weeks ago, my cat broke my xbox.  He opened the disc tray and sat on it.  I went on Microsoft’s website and saw that my warranty included free repairs, so we mailed the console in.  Today, I got this email.     Dear Jamie Stefko, Our inspection of […]

The Xbox Saga

 Paul, Bill, and I went out on the town last night.  They met me downtown after work, then we walked over to the CLO Cabaret.  We ate at the bar and listened to some live music.  The music was great.  The food was fantastic.  Then we went in to see […]

I love Pittsburgh

 I picked up my Kinect last week.  For those of you not geeky enough to know, a Kinect is a device that you attach to your Xbox.  It has a cameras and microphones and you can use it to play various games.  I picked up a dance game that is […]

Kinect! Also rambling!

I realized a few things when i started going back to kung fu class.  I’d forgotten how much FUN class is–how much I loved just being there and learning and working out.  I walked out of my first class back feeling like I’d regained a little part of my soul […]


My friend Amy ended up with two tickets to this year’s World Fantasy Con in Columbus, Ohio.  I couldn’t get any time off of work to go, but with I ended up driving out bright and early yesterday morning.  I met up with Amy, plus two other friends from Kansas, […]

World Fantasy Con