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Jim zoned out a little during the speeches.  He listened while Ronnie’s dad got up and talked for a while about the purpose of the colony–about exploration and the indomitable human spirit.  It was the same sort of thing that Ronnie’s dad always went on about.  Jim’s lips twitched.  He […]

Martian Adventures: The Naming Ceremony Part 3

Mrs. Morgan looked taller without Jim’s dad towering over her.  And she looked pretty in her pink-flower dress and pearls.  And Jim looked very solemn in his suit.  Ronnie grinned and waved.  Jim waved back.  Ronnie’s mom had redecorated the cafeteria for the ceremony.  The tables had been stashed somewhere, […]

Martian Adventures: The Naming Ceremony Part 2

One of my twitter stories has been reprinted by trapeze magazine.  Is very exciting!  Go check them out.  They do good work.  

Story up!

This is going to be a really long post.   I spent the last two weeks in Lawrence, Kansas, attending the Science Fiction Writer’s Workshop at the Center for the Study of Science Fiction at the University of Kansas.  James Gunn led the workshop, with help from Chris McKitterick.  My experience was mixed, […]

The Workshop

The Earth still looked beautiful from the moon.  Kari stood on the lunar surface and stared up at it.  She started to run, accelerating in long bounding jumps.  It wasn’t hard in the low gravity, even at her age.  When she was going as fast and jumping as high as […]