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 My story "Unexpected Pigment:" is now available on The Colored Lens to read for free!  You can still buy the ebook, if you’d like to.  

Go! Read!

 Labor Day weekend was a busy one for me this year, so this post is a few days late.   At the end of August, I had 39 short story and one novel submission out.  My wait times ranged from 0-308 days, and four of my short stories were shortlisted. […]

August 2012: The Month in Review

  For Dylan, Kiefer and Lleyton                  I spun in a fast, uncontrolled circle, my mouth guard half-out, my visor cracked, and my own blood floating in front of me in a spray of perfectly round orbs.              Gloved hands pulled the heavy, black rubber ball out of […]

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