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Jim wriggled through the air vents, tugging Ronnie along with him.  The vents groaned under their weight, and Jim could hear his heart pounding in his ears even over Ronnie’s ragged breathing.  Sweat trickled down his nose.   He’d never been more terrified.  He was pretty sure that Ronnie’s arm was […]

Martian Adventures: Ronnie’s Birthday Part 6

Paul and I went out to the movies on Friday night.  We were both a little tired, so we opted for what looked like a fun, light movie.  Alpha and Omega is an animated movie about two wolves.   It wasn’t very good.  It wasn’t painfully bad, but the 3D […]

Movie Review: Alpha and Omega

We had a great time at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival last weekend.  We watched a few shows, ate some ostrich jerky, and made some fun purchases.  I got a cd from the bagpipe/drum show we watched and a pair of green fairy wings.  Paul got a wooden katana from a […]

Commerce! It’s good for the economy!

Ronnie heard Jim’s voice, and it made her feel safe.  Of course he’d come for her.  He’d make everything better.  He always did.  Her whole life was better than it’d ever been before he came.  She’d read about friends before, watched people in vids, daydreamed about what having someone her […]

Martian Adventures: Ronnie’s Birthday Part 5

Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise, came out in 2002.  The premise is that for the past six years, three psychics have been predicting any murders that would happen in the DC area, and the government set up a Precrime Division to go out and stop the murders before they happen.  […]

SF Movie Review: Minority Report

My first official blog post of the new schedule.  Now I get to ramble about all of the details of my life.  It’s exciting.  I know.  O_o I got new glasses yesterday.  They’re pretty sharp.  And I can also see better.  It’s very exciting.   I had lunch with my […]

Bliggity Blog

Jim’s communicator went silent again, and he spat one of Mr. Barrie’s curses.  "Where’s the observation post?"  Ronnie’s dad raked his hands through his thinning hair.  "It’s in an old part of the station.  It’s sealed off.  There shouldn’t be any way in."  "Well, she’s in a ventilation shaft.  One […]

Martian Adventures: Ronnie’s Birthday Part 4

I’ve been having serious issues with coming up with content for this site in the past month.  I feel like my quality has been slipping, and I feel like I’m putting in a lot of work for something that practically no one cares about.   I know my mom’s been […]