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 Jim staggered a little under Ronnie’s weight, but he made sure she landed gently. She felt solid in his arms.  He liked it.  And they’d held hands, for a bit, too.  Did it count as holding hands through their suits?  Did this count as a hug?  Probably not.  Ronnie liked […]

Martian Adventures: Exploration Part 3

Chicken Little came out in 2005.  It wasn’t a high point for Disney.  This is the story of Chicken Little, a very small chicken in a town populated by various anthropomorphized animals.  A piece of sky falls on his head, so he rings the town bell to warn everyone.  The […]

Disney Project: Chicken Little

Ronnie stopped a few feet away from the edge of the cliff.  "Look.  Isn’t it amazing?"  Jim stood next to her and stared down at the station.  "It really stands out, doesn’t it?  Especially the dome.  The greenhouses might be the only green on the whole planet."  Ronnie had never […]

Martian Adventures: Exploration Part 2

Jim examined the spacesuit.  It didn’t look at all like the ones in the vids about the history of spaceflight.  It looked more like the wetsuit that he’d worn when his grandmother took him SCUBA diving.  It was sleek and black and rubbery against his fingers.  Ronnie was already wearing […]

Martian Adventures: Exploration Part 1

As the title implies, WWW: Wake is about an artificial entity on the internet gaining sentience.  This AI itself is one of the two main point of view characters.  The other is a blind girl named Caitlin Decter.  Caitlin undergoes an experimental surgery to give her sight.  At first, nothing […]

Review of WWW: Wake by Robert J. Sawyer