Monthly Archives: May 2010

 Ronnie leaned out over the fish tank.  She’d brought Jim up onto the catwalks over the aquariums.  Mom would flip if she saw them up here, but Ronnie liked looking down at the water.  The algae tanks were okay, but the fish were the best.  Their silver scales flickered as […]

Martian Adventures: The Fish Tanks

 Spoilers ahead!  If you’re a Lost fan but haven’t seen the finale, or if you’re planning on watching the whole series on DVD and don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading now.  Also, it might be best if you avoid the internet for a week or two.  Just sayin’.  Paul […]

The End of Lost

 This was my very favorite Disney movie as a kid.  The very first thing I ever wrote was a Little Mermaid fanfic when I was about six.  I think I still have it, somewhere.  The Little Mermaid, released in 1989, marks the opening of the Golden Age of Disney animation. […]

Disney Project: The Little Mermaid

I’ve been reading a lot of Star Wars lately.  I have never gotten into the expanded universe before, so I am still very unfamiliar with lots of the world.  I’m most at home in the Old Republic era.  I have played the Knights of the Old Republic xbox game from […]

Musings on a Hokey Religion

 Jim didn’t like cafeterias.  He’d had bad experiences in cafeterias.  Of course, the adult scientists weren’t likely to dump chocolate milk on his lap or make fun of him for reading at recess, but he was still uneasy.  He stuck close to Ronnie as she got in line.  She was […]

Martian Adventures: Cafeteria Food