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 Ronnie groaned.  Was that Jim?  He sounded far away.  "Ronnie!  Where are you?"  Thoughts slipped through Ronnie’s mind, slippery and hard to catch, like fish.  Something was wrong, she was sure of that.  She tried to rub her forehead. Pain exploded through her body.  Her arm was wedged beneath her […]

Martian Adventures: Ronnie’s Birthday Part 3

Ronnie’s scream echoed in Jim’s room.  He grabbed his communicator.  "Ronnie?  Ronnie, are you okay?  Where are you?"  Static crackled at him.  Jim shook the communicator, then tried again.  Worry clawed at his belly.  Where was she?  What had she done?  Maybe this was all a prank.  Maybe she was […]

Martian Adventures: Ronnie’s Birthday Part 2

Ronnie wormed her way through the air vent.  It was a lot tighter than she remembered–but then she hadn’t been through here since before Jim came.  She’d grown in the past year.  She slithered forward.  It would be her birthday soon, and she always greeted her birthday from the same […]

Martian Adventures: Ronnie’s Birthday Part 1