New Story Available! And Other Things! 2

My story “Under the Shimmering Lights” is available to read for free in the Stupefying Stories Showcase!

I also wrote a new story this past week, and have banged out about 600 words on an adventure fantasy that I’m hoping to submit to the Baen Fantasy Adventure Award. I contacted a Realtor and a bank about moving forward on looking for a house, and we’ve started getting some of the requested rewrites for Triangulation: Lost Voices. Our upstairs neighbor had a pipe burst in their sink last night, and it leaked down through the doorway into our apartment, but we didn’t suffer any damage from it. I’m hoping the couple upstairs got of just as easily.

Tomorrow, I’m doing a talk at the Carnegie Library in Squirrel Hill about submitting short stories for Parsec. I came up with this title and description for the talk:

Surviving the Slush Pile

Jamie Lackey, the editor of this year’s Triangulation anthology and an author with over 100 short fiction sales under her belt, will discuss the trials and tribulations of submitting short fiction.

The meeting is free and open to the public, so if you live in the Pittsburgh area, please swing by the library around 1:30! I’ll be there! I’ll talk about submitting and the extreme importance of stubbornness and resilience, and I’m hoping to do a Q&A about writing and Triangulation afterwards.

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2 thoughts on “New Story Available! And Other Things!

  • John Frochio

    I wanted to attend the Parsec meeting to hear your talk on “Surviving the Slush Pile,” but I couldn’t make it. It sounded really interesting. I hope it went well. Is there any possibility of a blog that highlights your key points from the talk? If so, that would be great.