2014 Year in Review

I had 25 short stories published in 2014–24 originals and one reprint. You can find links to them under “Writing Credits” if you’re so inclined. I had at least one story come out every month, which I think is pretty cool. I wrote a novella and some (but not nearly enough) short stories. I’m working as the editor of Triangulation: Lost Voices (and I got to pick the theme!), and that will be coming out in 2015. I sent out 266 submissions and maintained an acceptance ratio of about 9% (which might not sound very high, but is actually pretty decent). I wrote a bunch of reviews, which allowed me to read some great stuff. All together, that doesn’t look bad at all. I meant to do so much more, though. But I guess there’s always next year.

I’m still working at ModCloth, and Paul got a job there in May. I was writing for the ModCloth Blog for a while, but that ended a while back.

We moved out the the apartment where we’d lived for seven years with less than a month’s notice. That was really hard for me. It was the first home Paul and I shared. It’s where we spent the night after our wedding. It’s where our cat was a kitten. And friction with the new land lord has kept the new place from really feeling like home. We’re planning to buy a house when our lease is up. I’m excited about that–I’ve wanted to buy a house for years, now, and we’re finally in a good place to do it.

2014 was a year of changes, and change is hard. Here’s hoping that all the changes in 2015 are good and easily accomplished, and after that things start to settle down a bit.

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