Monthly Archives: February 2012

 Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations has an updated page!  Most of my fellow contributors have websites you can check out.  Also, there are reviews!  One of them mentions me!  *happiness*   It’s a nice boost to my ego after my 10-rejection weekend.  

Updated Dark Tales Page

 Paul and I went to see Shakespeare’s As You Like It on Friday night at the Pittsburgh Public Theater.   I really enjoy seeing Shakespeare staged, especially the comedies, so I was expecting to enjoy it.  I wasn’t expecting it to fly by as quickly as it did.  I was surprised […]

As You Like It

Bill, Paul, and I went to Colorado Springs for a mini vacation this weekend.  Bill and I wanted to see if either of us were horribly susceptible to altitude sickness, and Paul came along because he’d never been to Colorado before.  We left the Pittsburgh airport on Friday afternoon.  We […]

I Fell a Little Bit in Love with Colorado Springs ...

 I didn’t get the fellowship interview. That probably means that I won’t be going to Chatham. Really, it probably means I won’t be going to grad school at all. I’m not giving up–there are school-wide assistantships at Chatham I can try for, plus I’m still waiting to hear back from […]

Disappointment is Bitter.