Patron Saint LIVE w/ Braynstream Records, Winter’s Descent, Love Addiction


 I went to the Altar Bar for the first time ever this Saturday.  It’s a pretty cool place–the atmosphere is very well done.  The concert floor is an open area with a high ceiling, and there are balconies with tables above.  And, of course, there’s a bar.  

I was there to see the second act, Winter’s Descent, because they are awesome, and because the singer is a friend.  

The opening act went by Love Addiction but on their website they’re the Denmon Sides Project.  They were amazing.  They played a few original songs and a few covers, all of which were really fun.  They did a really good job making any songs they covered their own.  Their singer was the only female performer on stage on Saturday night, and she was incredible.  And their violin player was great.  I would definitely seek them out again.  

Then Winter’s Descent came on.  Their music is pretty intense, much harder rock than what I usually listen to, but I always really enjoy their shows.  It’s obvious that they love performing and they put their hearts and souls into their music.  They were giving out their demo CD, and I was super excited to listen to it.  It’s great.  I really love the last track, "The Edge."  

The next group were three rappers called Braynstream Records.  They had a lot of fans.  They seem like a fun group, but rap’s not my thing.  My favorite part of their set was when the singer from the first group came up and did Katy Perry’s "E.T." with them.  

Then the headliners, Patron Saint, came on stage.  They had a group of really hardcore fans and seemed really pleased to be playing for them.  

Overall, I had a really great time.  Either of the first two groups were worth the price of admission for me, and it was nice to check out a new place to go listen to music.  



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