Monthly Archives: January 2012

 This month has been a pretty good one for me.  Right now, I have 31 story submissions out.  Of those, one is a reprint and three are shortlisted.  My wait times range from 0-282 days.   I received four acceptances this month, including my first ever reprint sale.  I finished […]

January 2012: The Month in Review

 I launched a new Kickstarter project.  Go check it out.  Then give it money.  If it happens, I promise that it’ll be super awesome.  

One Revolution

 January’s issue of Stupefying Stories is availble!  It contains my alternate history ghost story, "Music from the Air."   If you have a kindle, you can get it here!   And here for a Nook!   You can also find it in the Apple Store.  


 I just got an email letting me know that I’ve been accepted into Chatham’s Creative Writing MFA program!  I don’t know if they’re going to give me an interview for a fellowship or not–I won’t find that out till February, and the interview won’t be till March.  But still, I […]

Graduate School Update!

 So, faithful readers, as some of you know (and the rest of you can eaisly find out by reading some old entries) I had a Kickstarter project a few months ago  It didn’t work out.  But now, my friend Sabrina and her husband have launched a project to help fund […]


 My short story, "Your Weatherman" has been accepted to Kazka Press‘s Bronies: For the Love of Ponies!  I’m super excited!  This is the third story that I’ve sold to the market I wrote it for.  It’s a good feeling.  ^_^  

Another Short Story Sale!

 I finished my final novel read-through today.  I sent it out to a few more readers just to see if they think it holds together, and I sent my very first query to an agent.   This is roughly what my query letter looks like.  If you’ve been dying of […]