The Purge

 I’ve spent hours and hours this weekend sorting through my clothes.  I’m getting rid of everything that is too big.  I don’t care if it’s cute or if I’ve never worn it, or if I have nice memories of it, or what.  if it doesn’t fit, it goes.  If I don’t like it, it goes.  I don’t care who gave it to me, or what it’s from, or whatever.  

I’m getting rid of prom gowns, bridesmaid’s dresses, unflattering tops, slacks and jackets I’ve owned for years and maybe worn once… and so much else.  I’m also going through and throwing away anything that has holes in it or stains.  My I’ve gone through pretty much everything but my socks.  You’re next, socks.  

Of cousre, I need to purge socks because I ordered new socks.  Nice socks.  Pretty socks.  Hiking socks.  

I’ve recently gotten a sock thing.  

Anyway, even after all of the bags and bags of stuff I’m getting rid of, I still have sooo maaannnyy clooooothes.  I’m probably keeping too many T shirts and sweaters and long sleeved shirts and skirts… but at least they are all things that I wear.  

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