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 Step one:  Find inspiration.  Lots of things give me ideas for stories.  Artwork, anthology themes, movies, wikipedia, nature documentaries, history, etc.  Honestly, this is one of the easier steps for me.   Step two: Write!  I like to sit down and write my first drafts in one sitting.  (Obviously we’re […]

My Process

 The official contents for Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations has been announced.  The book will contain my story "Quetzalcoatl’s Conquistador."  The book should be coming out in the spring, and I’ll post links when it’s available for purchase.  The other stories look really interesting, too.  I’m excited to be a […]

Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations

 Every time I get a rejection, I do my best to send the story back out quickly.  I’m holding steady at 30 subs, but my recent batch of rejections has been rough.   I got an Honorable Mention from Writers of the Future.  That’s better than a slap in the […]

Recent Rejections

 I just got an acceptance from Daily Science Fiction for my flash piece, "Offering Solace."  I am literaly dancing about for joy.  


 So, I just saw that Realms of Fantasy is closing.  This is a sad thing.  I have always enjoyed the magazine.  But this is the third time they’ve closed, and I doubt that they’re going to come back again.   But!  I sold a story!  Can’t say where yet, but… […]

The Good and the Bad