Monthly Archives: January 2013

 2012 was, without a single doubt, my very best year in writing so far.  I had 30 stories published.  I created a sucessful Kickstarter project, which I’ve completed ahead of schedule.  I sold at least one story every month.  I took a few really excellent classes, and my work has […]

2012 in Review

 2012 closed out pretty well.  ^_^  I had 6 stories published and I sold one.  I didn’t get anything new finished or submitted, but I did get One Revolution laid out, revised, and ready to print.   I currently have 32 short story submissions out.  One of them is shortlisted. […]

December 2012: The Month in Review

 Jeremy Zimmerman tagged me to do this, and I’m crazy behind schedule on it.  I’m supposed to tag other people, and that’s been the hold up.  So, insteaad of tagging new people, I’m going to break some rules and just include links to other people who’ve already done it, instead. […]

The Next Big Thing