The Blood of Four Gods and Other Stories

My short story collection, “The Blood of Four Gods and Other Stories” is available to preorder from Air and Nothingness Press. You can also find it on Goodreads!

Journey into a world of myth and magic, of mystery and monsters. Within these pages, you’ll find: Mayan gods stalking through the cloud forest and lurking in the underworld; steam-powered golems patrolling crowded city streets; fox and fish spirits struggling with love and loss; a dragon doling out justice; a metal snake scheming for worship, and more. Jamie Lackey’s debut collection contains fourteen short stories, including two never-before-seen tales, set in fantasy worlds inspired by Asian, Native American, and African myth and history.

It includes:
River Dragon’s Curse
Beyond the Reach of Moonlight
The Steam Lord’s Autumn Ruby
Rekindled Dreams
The Blood of Four Gods
The Place of Fear
The Sour Thread of Doubt
Citali’s Song
Quetzalcoatl’s Conquistador
The Balance Between Strength and Wisdom
Jealous Idols
Of Dreaming and Destiny
The Value of Weakness

I’m so happy with how well this collection has come together. It is going to be such a beautiful book. The cover, by my wonderful friend Betsy Bodamer, is such a perfect fit for the voice and tone that I’m going for in this collection.

If you’re interested, make sure you preorder! The book will be out on September 1st!

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