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May 2012: The Month in Review

May 2012: The Month in Review

 I have 38 stories out right now.  One is by invitation, one is a reprint, and two are shortlisted.  My wait times range from 0-216 days.  I didn’t write anything new all month.  I didn’t have anything published.  I sold one story.  To a pro paying market.  So I can’t feel too bad about the […]

Sale! This One’s Kinda a Big D...

Sale!  This One’s Kinda a Big Deal.

 I sold a story to Beneath Ceaseless Skies!!  Woot!  

May Flowers

May Flowers

      Gail flopped down onto the new grass, peeled off her shoes, and dangled her feet into the frigid rushing water.  She closed her eyes.  Warm sunlight spread across her cheeks, and the brook’s burble joined with the singing birds and buzzing bees in a lovely springtime symphony.       Soft footsteps approached.  Anger spiked […]

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