Monthly Archives: February 2012

 February has been a very up-and-down month.   I have 36 story submissions out.  One is a reprint, two are shortlisted, and one is a requested rewrite.  My wait times range from 0-134 days.  I also asked a market if they’d consider a rewrite of a story they rejected.  They […]

February 2012: The Month in Review

 When I was getting ready to leave work yesterday, I was paged to the front desk for something about my car.  I figured they needed me to move it, which would be easy, since I was about to leave.   I was wrong.   One of my coworkers had been […]

Always an Adventure

 Funding for One Revolution ends TOMORROW!!  If you’ve been meaning to pledge, NOW is your moment.  There are 4 personalized stories left at the $100 level, and 11 left at the $200 level.  If you can’t afford that (and I totally understand that, I probably couldn’t afford it either) you […]


 I got a form rejection from The University of Pittsburgh’s MFA program.   Please, please, please don’t tell me that they’re making a huge mistake that they’ll someday regret.  They aren’t.  They won’t.  I knew going in that I probably wouldn’t be a good fit for their program.  The core […]


 I’m working on an Amazon Author Page.  It’ll eventually have all of my works that are available from amazon listed on it.  Right now it only has a few of them.  But it does have a bio and a picture.  

Self Promotion

 One Revolution has reached its funding goal!  That means that the project is officially going forward!  There’s still a week to be a part of it.  If you pledge, you can get an ebook, a signed, personalized print copy, or even a story tailored to your wishes.  I have enough funding […]


 About a month ago, Paul Anderson sent me a request for a story to include in his Torn Realities Anthology.  I was super excited, partly because I was really hoping that someone would request a story from me this year, and partly because Paul is a really cool guy and […]

My Very First Requested Story!

 My short story, "Second Choices" will be appering in Earthbound Fiction’s Dark Stars: Best Science Fiction Anthology!  Also, my they published my fantasy story, "Shadow Twin" in Sparks: Exciting New Fantaasy From Today’s Brightest Stars.  It’s available for the Kindle, and free for Amazon Prime members!  

Sale! And Publication!

 So, I wrote at Valentine’s Day story for my Kickstarter backers. If you’re a Kickstarter backer, you can go read it! If you’re not, well, here’s the opening.  If you want to read the rest, it’s not too late to go back One Revolution! It’s not the most action-packed piece, […]

A Valentine’s Day Gift… if you back my Kickstarter.

 So, this is a thing that’s happening.   Me:  I want to add more activity to my life.  I know!  I’ll take up hiking.  I like to be outside, and it’s a nice, cheap hobby.  All I need is a pair of boots! Universe: Starts laughing. Me: Look at all […]